Who we are

All Farmers’ Progressive Association is a compendium of Nigerian farmers who came together with the idea to propel agriculture in the country and beyond.

Agriculture is the singular most important sector that can transform a country’s economy into meeting the growing demands for nutrition, industry and job creation. The population of Nigeria presently stands at over 200 million and it is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. Increase in agricultural productivity is the key determinant for social-economic transformation and thus livelihood improvements in Nigeria. Improvement in agricultural productivity will take millions of people out of food insecurity and low-income status to food secured and a better living standards.

On the onset of the Agricultural Promotion Policy and most recently the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (EGRP) of this current administration, studies revealed in-balance between Agricultural productivity and the population growth rates resulted in widespread food insecurity and poverty, which were evident through numerous civil unrests like farmers/herders clashes experience in every regions and Africa as a whole. This Association platform is initiated to address the food insecurity situation that cut across all the farmers, food commodities and agricultural value chain etc.

Recall that food security is the availability, accessibility, and affordability of food at all times. “It is when everyone irrespective of status at all times has access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life”.

The above justifies the objectives of this Association and set the basis for stakeholders’ participation at all level of Agricultural activities in their value Chain for a result-oriented approach.